Seasonic SS-660XP2 Platinum Series 660W ATX12V/EPS12V PSU, 80PLUS Platinum

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  • Seasonic Patented DC Connector Panel with Integrated Voltage Regulation Module
    Seasonic’s Patented Fully Modular Design while minimizing voltage drops and impedance, it greatly maximizes efficiency and cooling to enhance overall performance and reliability.
    * Patent #: US8.040.686, TW381825, CN1552150, JP3171420.

    Seasonic Hybrid Silent Fan Control – S2FC and S3FC
    The industry first, advanced three-phased thermal control balances between silence and cooling.
    The Hybrid Silent Fan Control provides three operational stages: Fanless, Silent, and Cooling Mode. In addition, there is a switch provided to allow for manual selection between the Seasonic S2FC (fan control without Fanless Mode) and the S3FC (fan control including Fanless Mode).*Patent #: TW410250, CN808637, CN1980304. Patent Pending: US, JP

    80+ Platinum The Platinum Series, certified in accordance to the 80PLUS highest standards, offers the newest technology and innovation for performance and energy savings with up to 92% efficiency and a true power factor of greater than 0.9PF

  • 1. 80PLUS® Platinum Certified Super High Efficiency
  • 2. 7 Years Warranty
  • 3. DC Connector Panel with Integrated VRM [Voltage Regulator Module]
  • 4. DC to DC Converter Design
  • 5. Active Power Factor Correction [99% PF Typical]
  • 6. Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors
  • 7. Highly Reliable 105°C Japanese Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • 8. Gold Plated High Current Terminals
  • 9. Tight Voltage Regulation [±2%]
  • 10. High +12V Output
  • 11. Dual Sided PCB Layout
  • 12. Seasonic Patented Hybrid Silent Fan Control
  • 13. Sanyo Denki San Ace Silent Fan
  • 14. Ultra Ventilation [Honeycomb Structure]
  • 15. Full Modular Cabling Design
  • 16. Multi-GPU Technology Support
  • 17. All-in-One DC Cabling Design
  • 18. Easy Swap Connector
  • 19. Universal AC Input [Full Range]
  • 1. AC input & DC output voltages (Full Rang: 100-240V (Max 90-264V), 50/60Hz)
  • Model: Platinum-660 (SS-660XP2 Active PFC F3)
  • Model: Platinum-760 (SS-760XP2 Active PFC F3)

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