XFX Pro Series Core Edition 750W PSU, 80Plus Bronze

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  • ProSeries 750W PSU
    One Rail, One Setup

    Unique, continuous EasyRail™ technology enables you to maximize available power and make set-up easy. Stack numerous power-hungry components without fear of crashing. It's also a perfect solution for hardcore gamers.

    ProSeries 750W PSU - 750W XXX Edition Semi-Modular (Silver) - P1-750B-NLG9

  • General
    +12V Rail Outputs:Single
    ATX12V 2.2 & ESP12V 2.91 Compliant:Yes
    Maximum Wattage (W):750
    Modular Cables:No
    Performance Category:Enthusiast
    UPC Number:778656053311
    SLI Ready:Yes
    CrossFire Ready:Yes
    Ratings & Efficiencies
    AC Input Current (Arms):TBA
    AC Input Frequency (Hz):50/60 Hz
    AC Input Voltage (VAC):90-264
    Efficiency @ Typical Load:up to 88%
    Energy-Efficiency:80 Plus Silver Certified
    DC Output Voltage Regulation:TBA
    Temperature rating of capacitors (°C):TBA
    Tight Voltage Regulation (+/- 5%):Yes
    Active Power Factor Correction (PFC):Yes
    Other Features
    Solid State Capacitors:Yes
    DC to DC Converters (+3.3 & +5V):TBA
    Dual Magnetic Amplifier Circuit (+3.3 & +5V):TBA
    EZ Grip Connectors:TBA
    Gold Plated Connectors:TBA
    High Reliable 105°C Japanese Capacitors:Yes
    High Quality Schottky Diodes:TBA
    Load Range
    Min +12V1 Output Current (A):TBA
    Min +3.3V Output Current (A):TBA
    Min +5V Output Current (A):TBA
    Min +5VSB Output Current (A):TBA
    Min -12V Output Current (A):TBA
    Max +12V1 Output Current (A):62
    Max +3.3V Output Current (A):24
    Max +5V Output Current (A):30
    Max +5VSB Output Current (A):3
    Max -12V Output Current (A):0.8
    +12V1 (mW):TBA
    +3.3V (mV):TBA
    +5V (mV):TBA
    +5VSB (mV):TBA
    -12V (mW):TBA
    Cable Connectors
    Serial ATA Power Cables with Three Connectors:2
    Serial ATA Power Cables with Two Connectors:1
    PCI-E 6+2-pin Power Cables:2
    Peripheral Power Cables with Three Connectors:2
    Peripheral Power Cables with Two Connectors:1
    Modular FDD:Up to 2
    Modular Peripheral:Up to 8
    Modular SATA:8
    FDD Power Cables with Two Connectors:1
    Fixed 6+2-pin PCI-E:2
    Fixed ATX12V / EPS12V:One 4+4-pin, One EPS 12V 8-pin
    Fixed Motherboard Connector:20+4 Pin
    Modular 6+2-pin PCI-E:Up to 2
    Safety & Protection
    Over Current Protection (OCP):Yes
    Over Power Protection (OPP):Yes
    Over Temperature Protection:No
    Over Voltage Protection (OVP):Yes
    Short Circuit Protection (SCP):Yes
    Under Voltage Protection (UVP):Yes
    PSU Dimension (cm):17 x 15 x 8.6
    PSU Dimension (inch):6.69 x 5.9 x 3.38
    Package Dimensions (cm):32.3 x 21.1 x 14.2
    Package Dimensions (inch):12.7 x 8.31 x 5.59
    Package Weight (Kg):4.28 est.
    Package Weight (lb):9.44 est.
    Intake Fan: Airflow (CFM/min):TBA
    Intake Fan: Diameter (mm):135 x 135 x 25 mm
    Cooling Fan Size (mm):135
    Certifications & Standards
    FCC Class B:TBA

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